Don Parker

British landscapes

My art is a dialogue between tradition and innovation, beginning with AI as a muse to sketch the initial contours of Britain’s landscapes. This digital genesis evolves through layers of manipulation, collage, and acrylics, blending textures and narratives on canvas. The final compositions are then digitised, ensuring each print embodies both the original tactile essence…

Cinematic art and filmaking

In my cinematic work, the creative process is a mix of traditional and digital mediums. Starting with AI-generated concepts, I sculpt these visions through digital manipulation, integrating collage elements and tactile mediums when the narrative demands. This approach not only bridges the gap between classic and contemporary filmmaking techniques but also enriches visual storytelling, making…

Control Projects

Posters: A series of posters developed from an original project called ‘Just Undo It’ as a commentary on Nike and advertising. After receiving a ‘cease and desist’ for the original project I turned it around and created this set (which a few additions).

Identica Live Brief – Student project

The BA (Hons) Advertising Design students have once again been involved in working with a London-based agency for the 5th year running after previous students set high standards by completing briefs such as concepts for Fat Face 2010 billboard campaign and a challenging Tesco live Brief.

The second-year advertising design students have been asked to complete a 6-week ‘Live Brief’ module with the agency Identica. The second-year advertising design students have been asked to complete a 6-week ‘Live Brief’ module with the agency Identica.

The brief set this year by Franco Bonadio the CEO of Identica involves a new and upcoming Russian Vodka Brand.

The 25 students traveled up to the London-based agency in February to have the brief delivered by Franco and to meet the rest of the design team.

Franco has since then made two visits to Newport where students such as Rich Palmer and Danny Creevy had to present their pitches.

Danny Creevy, originally from Leeds, West Yorkshire and currently taking part in this experience said: “The opportunity to work with someone like Franco, was amazing, as well as utterly petrifying. The whole experience has challenged my perceptions, especially in terms of design. The feedback we received helped us narrow down the concept idea, which we’d struggled to agree on. It gave us a platform to push ourselves further and create a concept that we feel is strong and works. I think the overall brief has helped me develop a lot as a young professional.”

The student’s final pitches are due in March and with expectations high from their initial presentations and previous years’ work, it is sure to be an exciting and nerve-racking experience.

PR story by Stephanie Hobbs, BA (Hons) Advertising Design student

Adam & Eve DDB – Education

Sian Coole and Jo Cresswell came back to join us for the day on Friday 15th November 2013

Graduates of Advertising at Newport and now a creative team at adam & eve ddb.
adam & eve ddb is responsible for the £7 million John Lewis Christmas campaign this year.

Jo and Sian are the team behind the £20 million Flora campaign for Unilever.

A great day of scripts, and stories. presentations, behind the scenes, and a catch-up with them.

Pure Emerald – Consultancy

A busy December with the added and welcome complication of working with SEO and online developers Pure Emerald on their first ever foray in to the world of advertising.

Lots of strategy meetings and the development of a integrated campaign were top of the list.

Having already establishing the ‘Keeping Britain nuts for generations’ campaign positioning statement, the team went on to promote a #tomface print, online and viral campaign.

BBC ‪Radio‬ ‪Wales:‬ ‪Jason Mohammad‬ Show talking ‪racism‬ and ‪Tom and Jerry‬ (audio file)

Commenting on the #Independent article;

It’s a cartoon catfight: Tom and Jerry fans angry at Warner Brothers’ decision to exclude racially sensitive episodes from new collection

Johnson & Johnson pitch: Tailor Made, Medical Excellence

Lines on body appear as tailoring marks.
Copy: “Tailor Made, Medical Excellence

Student / lecturer project