And so it begins…

Well, hardly a beginning, more of a ‘new beginning’ with the various strands of what I do all coming together.

I’ve decided to get things lined up, in the open and ‘out there’. I’m keeping the pseudonyms, different spaces and alter egos (mainly because I enjoy them) but I thought I’d show you what they are and why I do them. I like to keep them separated out to help each one have its own identity. I’m avoiding the word ‘brand’ because I’m not sure they are yet. I’m hoping that they become those things eventually. In the meantime, these are spaces outside of the work I do in the ‘knowledge exchange industry’ (learning and teaching).

James Monarch

With 30 years of experience in design in the film, music and television industries, ‘James Monarch’ is the place where I get to create posters that reflect some of my own interest with artworks designed to explore the worlds of cyberpunk, steampunk, retro gaming and all the spaces in between. A place where pinup style, Hot Rods, Lynchian aesthetics and Blade Runner landscapes converge in the past, present and future as the music of The Cramps plays on forever.

Working in the nightmares of another planet and living next door to Kubrickian fever dreams, this is the place where fire, smoke and echoes burn for you.

Come in and stay a while.

Retrobuner Films

Picking up on the films I made for film competitions way back then, this is the continuation of film making for me and the dreams that this bring. I am currently putting together a series of tests, shorts and new format ideas to push out to places like youtube and vimeo very soon.

Old faithful. A website that has been a repository for my older works, its time for it to do some heavy lifting a be the crossroads for all of the projects I am working on. After having a blog since bogs began, its about time I used it to keep up to date with myself. In the words of Heath Ledgers ‘Joker’.. here… we…. go.