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British landscapes

My art is a dialogue between tradition and innovation, beginning with AI as a muse to sketch the initial contours of Britain’s landscapes. This digital genesis evolves through layers of manipulation, collage, and acrylics, blending textures and narratives on canvas. The final compositions are then digitised, ensuring each print embodies both the original tactile essence…

Cinematic art and filmaking

In my cinematic work, the creative process is a mix of traditional and digital mediums. Starting with AI-generated concepts, I sculpt these visions through digital manipulation, integrating collage elements and tactile mediums when the narrative demands. This approach not only bridges the gap between classic and contemporary filmmaking techniques but also enriches visual storytelling, making…

Johnson & Johnson pitch: Tailor Made, Medical Excellence

Lines on body appear as tailoring marks.
Copy: “Tailor Made, Medical Excellence

Student / lecturer project

Johnson & Johnson: Madison Pierce: Stuck On You

A panning shot of a long kiss by two young people. We are expressing the bonding quality of the product along with the association of the human bond.
Copy: ‘Stuck on You

Student / lecturer project

Johnson & Johnson: Madison Pierce: Elastic Tree

A man ties himself to a tree and then tries to run away, getting jerked back each time due to the resilience of the ‘thread’.
Pure comedy.
Copy: “Ethicon: Quality. PDS II. Support”

Student / lecturer project