Creative Academic Work

Don Parker worked as a freelance multidisciplinary designer; including as an art director, commercials director and creative for clients
such as Cartoon Network Channel, Boomerang Channel, Toonami European Channel, Columbia Pictures, UIP, Buena Vista
International (Disney), Eidos, National Film Theatre, Penguin Books, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Classic fm,
BBC Worldwide, Extreme Sports Channel, MTV Base, Classic FM:TV, Granada TV, Q8 Oil, Orange, WH Smith, The Royal
Bank of Scotland, Philips Interactive Media, Virgin Games, Labworks, Shut Up and Dance, R&S Records and Junior Boys Own Records.

Don has exhibited film and video installation work in London, Ljubljana and Lisbon. He lectures in advertising at the
University of South Wales and is Visiting Professor of Advertising at the School of Mass Communication, Shenzhen, China.

He is currently researching into consumer behaviour, persuasion techniques, propaganda and advertising.

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